Residential Market Pulse

4th Quarter, 2020

A note from Tami Pardee

Although most celebrated differently this season, I hope your holiday was special and left you energized for the new year! Personally, I believe that 2021 will be a time of opportunity and new beginnings. Over 330 clients we supported in 2020 have shown me that this is the moment to claim your life’s next chapter! Change can be hard but when change is made to find more joy — be that closer to family, near the beach or in a home you’ve been eyeing for a decade… it is blissfully worth it.

If you find yourself dreaming big – about a home office, more greenspace or a relocation cross country – you are not alone. That is part of the insight we want to share with you in this market report. Beyond the data and graphs – deep emotion is fueling the decisions of buyers and sellers. Everyone wants to love where they live. And I am so grateful that I can help with that.

What I’m noticing in the market

  • The market is strong. Like many, I braced for a slowdown last spring and again in November. But I have been blown away by the demand. I am so grateful that Halton Pardee did the most transactions in LA County in 2020.
  • Strategy still matters. It might sound funny – but people often want to hire their cousin or former babysitter to sell their house. These days, familiar feels good. But after months on the market, sellers frequently reach out to us. How do you know if you’re with the right agent? Ask about their pricing strategy, how your home will be exposed to the market, and their sales record.
  • A migration into and out of LA is occurring. Longtime Westside clients are heading out of state for more space or to pursue a dream previously meant for retirement. On the flipside – we are seeing new buyers – many from the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. The continuation of remote work offers the flexibility to live where you truly want.

Now, onto the data. Jump straight to a neighborhood:

Venice   |   Mar Vista  |   Santa Monica   |   Culver City   |   Marina del Rey

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